My new website!

Hi Folks! Welcome to my new website which I hope will prove to be more interactive than the last one.

I thought I’d start out with a lot of the old information about my first book and then jump off into more current work. So expect the first few blogs to recap old news. I’m also setting up a number of pages that will offer

  • archival information on Civil War New England
  • document McClellan’s visit to Boston in February of 1863
  • delve into aspects of post-Civil War Boston cultural history
  • begin to look at new areas of interest in the 20th Century

2 thoughts on “My new website!

  1. Dear Ms. Bundy, I live near Middleburg, VA, and was sorry to miss your recent visit to this area, in which you discussed your book, The Nature of Sacrifice. I just finished reading it and learned so much, was very caught up in the story of Charles Lowell’s life. I am myself near completion of editing and annotating Catherine Broun’s Civil War diary, which is a fascinating project. Catherine lived with her family in the Middleburg area. While researching at the Sporting Library in Middleburg, I read also a second woman’s diary, Mary Cochran. Both women mention a man who traded goods in the Middleburg area toward the end of the war. Resident Mary Cochran reveals the man, in an October 1864 entry, to be ‘a jew named Mr. Worsley’ from Washington, sent here to spy on local people in an attempt to track down John Singleton Mosby. Apparently Mr. Worsley would sell and trade goods to people, hoping to find Mosby rangers being amongst his customers. It was an operation set up by Federals, and I wonder if you had come across anything about this in your research?

    I see from this website that you are a fan of Alfred Waud, since I recognize his illustrations in the background of the web page. I have become almost obsessed with Mr. Waud from my own research on the diary of Catherine Broun (which is fast and first person and even occasionally funny.) most sincerely, Ms. Lee Lawrence

    • Dear Lee, I must apologize, I have only just realized that you have written me. I have been neglecting this website and also I only just noticed the red dot signaling that I had mail. A luddite!! I’m sorry we didn’t meet on my trip to Mosby territory. It was wonderful. Your work sounds fascinating. And I love this story of the trader working as a spy. I had not heard it before. It sounds very clever and I wonder how well it worked. Surely there’s an article in that? Worsley is the name of a Philadelphia family with several daughters who served as nurses in the war. I don’t know if there is a connection there.
      Waud was a wonderful artist and for those of us interested in the Shenandoah Valley, very important. I really love this particular drawing of the burning. So evocative.
      All the best to you and let me know how to get hold of the diary you’ve worked on, Carol

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