Author Interview: On Point/Morning Edition

Memorial Day 2005


“An OnPointer” — this is the term used for people whom the producers of On Point Radio with Tom Ashbrook on WBUR think will make good interviewees. Karen Schiffman contacted me about this honor after she attended a book party at which I spoke. And in the late afternoon on Memorial Day, 2005 I arrived at the OnPoint offices on the outskirts of the Boston University campus. The recording room was largely glass walled, dimly lit, with microphones hanging from the ceilings and a very large central table. For a show that is all talk, the importance of eye contact while recording can’t be exaggerated. Tom and I had only a short chat before the show went live but we were both set up on opposite sides of this very large table. Papers spread out before us. And I followed his signals. The truth is Tom Ashbrook makes his interviewees into “OnPointers.”

Click here to go to the website. Then click on Listen or Download to hear the interview.

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