Lowell Park, Dixon, Illinois: Centennary Celebration

The 201 acres of land for Lowell Park was bought by Charles Russell Lowell in 1859 when he was working in Iowa on the Burlington & Missouri River Railroad. It was given to the city of Dixon, Illinois in 1907 by Carlotta Lowell after the death of her mother, Josephine Shaw Lowell. It is curious but perhaps not surprising that Effie held on to this plot of land along the Rock River throughout her widowhood.

In celebrating Lowell Park’s centennial, the commission invited me to give a speech at their celebration and I went out to spend a weekend staying at a small cabin at the Park. It is a charming location. The wildlife, both fauna and flora, is remarkably diverse perhaps because the land has remained uncultivated and without chemicals or fertilizers for the last 150 years. Click Below for articles from the Sauk Valley Daily Gazette & Telegraph on Lowell Park’s creators, its centennary celebration and its joining the National Register of Historic Places. Below is a 58 minute film giving the history of the Park with some wonderful images of the park’s early days as well as its rich beauty today.


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